Girlfriends. Women. Wine

About Us

Girls Gone Grape, Inc. started with the idea that women need women; to inspire us, to support us, to laugh with us, to cry with us,  to be silly with us, to share stories with us. In 2012, Founder Robin Salls realized that life, marriage and kids had put a dent in her girlfriend time. She was missing the connection that only women can give to other women. She thought about how some of her best stories were shared over an empty bottle of wine with a girlfriend.... That thought, along with a little encouragment from her husband started the journey that has become know as Girls Gone Grape, Inc.  An organization whose goal is to bring sassy women, sassy wines and sassy adventures together in a place for women to connect and share their stories. It is powerful to be in a room of women supporting and inspiring one another. It is even more inspiring knowing that you are a part of a women's organization that reaches out to their communities with philanthropy efforts with local and national charities that speak to our hearts. 

We have taken our passion for wine and women and  we create events that attract women of all ages! 

“Girls Gone Grape is more than just a group of women drinkng wine, It's a place to make new friends, learn how to pair foods and try new activities, all while being around other women who share the same

passion as you do!"


Ginny G. - Colorado


Love Letters

" What's not to like? Wine, girlfriends and plenty of giggles! I've met lots of amazing women at the GGG events and have made some very close friends! Oh, and did I mention wine?"


                                                                                      Kristie P. - Colorado

“​I've made some of my best girlfriends through this group! Girlfriends, I refer to as my SUPER girlfriends!"


Lenina O. - Colorado