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  • GGGFounderRobin
    Jun 23, 2017
  • #GGGSouthMetro_shawnahmcd
    Jun 22, 2017

    This is the greatest idea you have had Robin. This Wine Lover's Private Champagne Member site that only #CHAMPAGNEGALS get!! Right? P.S. Your event in Fort Collins, Robin was absolutely an amazing event for the cost. WOOT WOOT!! I wish I could find one here in the SE Aurora, Parker or Highlands Ranch/Lone Tree/Castle Rock!!! I guess I'll keep searching!! I love your sign you made for your office at GGG! Thank you for having me a close friend within #GIRLSGONEGRAPE #GNO #GGGSouthMetro and for being my person who truly checks on me and gives a real hoot!! Love you girl and I am thrilled to be the SE Regional Director!! Trying to do my best looking for qualified individuals to take over some chapters for ME so they all get exactly what is expected from our Fearless Leader/Founder #RobinSalls
  • Marketing Team
    Jun 14, 2017